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      I've gathered notes during my quest of searching for the relatives in the "Pickett Family History". These notes are those that I've not been able to relate to my direct family. If anyone has any further notes they feel will be helpful please send them to me via "email". Those that I feel are appropriate will be posted here for others to view. Thanks.

John Pickett - Married Eleanor McClaskey on October 23, 1793 in the Old Swedes Church in Wilmington, De. Married by Joseph Clarkson. (These two are possibly parents of my "Edward" (1), however he did note that he was born in New Jersey, not Delaware)

James R. Pickett - Is listed in the 1859 Wilmington, De. directory as living at (or running a business) 602 Jefferson Street and was a "Morocco Dresser".

James H. Pickett - Married Mary R. Otto on October 30, 1888 in New Castle County DE. by W. L. McEwan.

Thornton F. Pickett - Married Katie S. _______ on June 14, 1892 in New Castle County, DE, married by J.D.C. Hanna.

Henry H. Pickett - Married Margaret J. Moore on June 1, 1904 in NC Cty, DE by Rev. John S. Guley.

William Pickett - First came to America on the ship "Plain Joan" in 1635. Landed in Virginia. Some of his family move to Marblehead, Mass ??

Micajah Pickett - Moved from Virginia to Anson County, NC. in the 1750's. He then moved to Fairfield, SC & died in Greenville, SC ca. 1825

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FROM: Fran Pickett (JPTD83A) - Prodigy

Daniel Pickett -m. Marjorie Bearslie on Sep 16, 1741

Daniel Pickit, b. Apr 17, 1742 son of Daniel Pickit & Majary

Daniel Picket, m. Sarah Comstock on Nov 5, 1767

Daniel Picket, m. Sarah Cole on Nov 24, 1792

My question is who is Daniel Picket who wintered in Charlotte, NY (Chatauqua Co) in 1809 ? He has a son, Daniel, Jr. He was said to have been 1780....

Could he be the same as Daniel Picket with his son, Daniel Jr. who ended up in Jackon Co, MS in 1820 ? The MS Pickets are my ancestors.

There is another Daniel who is about the same age who ended up in Rush, Susquehanna, PA. I think he is the age that Daniel, Jr. would be. I think all the above Daniels have been confused over the years. I have a strong feeling that it is the NY Daniel that is my Daniel. Presumably he came from a family that included siblings John, Hannah and Phebe. At some point this family was in Spencertown, NY. The names of the parents are unknown.

Fran Pickett
3645 Alan Drive
Titusville, Fl. 32780

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FROM: Bruce Pickett (NBFM90A)

Rev. Daniel Pickett, b. Jul 4, 1774 in New Milford, CT. (3 M.)

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FROM: Jim Duggan (HXHN13A)

Francis, George & Robert Pickett were listed as NJ Rev. War Vets

John, listed as Vet of PA Insurrection

Michael as a Vet of War of 1812


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