The Pickett Family History
Appendix "C"


  1. Edward Pickett (1)
  2. Elizabeth D. Pickett (2)

Edward D. Pickett, (1)

      It is believed that "Edward Pickett" was originally from the Lambertville - Hopewell - Stockton, NJ area.  "Edward" noted on the census’ of 1840 that he filled out that he was born in New Jersey as was his wife.  I’ve been able to find a lot of Conovers in the Stockton Area ("Edward" married "Catherine Conover").  This would lead me to strongly believe that he was also from the Stockton area.

      I have searched the records in Trenton, NJ and Doylestown, PA without any success in finding "Edward's" parents or that of his wife, "Catherine Conover Pickett".

      It is surmised that he started working on the canal, in PA, and ended up becoming a boat builder in New Hope, Pa.  As noted in his estate settlement he owned a boat yard and later including his son's "William" (3) & "Joseph" (7) in on the work.

      I’m starting to believe that "Edward", since my searches have been futile, was a descendant of one of the "Pickett’s" that came over and landed in Philadelphia, Pa.  Also as a note a "Pickett" family, that was old enough to be "Edward’s" parents, that were living in Wilmington, De. where they are both interred.  They were John and Eleanor (McClaskey) Pickett" and they were married in the Old Swedes Church in Wilmington on October 23, 1793.  To date this is the only family I can find who could possibly be "Edward’s" (1) parents.

Elizabeth D. Pickett, (2)

      I had discovered "Mrs. Elizabeth D. Stout" in the Railroad books in the library at Lambertville, NJ.  Since her age would be close to "Elizabeth Pickett" (2) and since "Elizabeth" (2) is known to have married Theophilis Stout in Lambertville, I have assumed with pretty good reason that the two are one and the same.  This is something I don't normally do, that is assume anything for my records.  This one seems pretty sure based on all other records that I currently have seen.  She was living at 53 North Union Street in Lambertville with three dauthers, "Annie F., Ida F.", and "Kate D."  For this reason her family is included in my records....

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