( Of the Hunterdon County, New Jersey Area )

      The Woolverton name is an English name.   "Charles Woolverton", the senior family member known, is known to have come from England in ca. 1690.   A Search has never been made to ascertain the religious affiliation of the Woolverton Family.

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Other Family names included in this document:

Chadwick, Biddle, Pettit,

      Charles Woolverton (1) is believed to have been born in Staffordshire, England ca. 1660.   He came from England to America in 1682 from Doecetshire with two brothers, Gabriel and John.   The sailed on the "Welcome" a William Penn flagship (over 20 flagships total included in the fleet).   His parents are not known at this time.   They landed at New Castle, NJ.

      Both of his brother, Gabriel and John, died from smallpox as did about 1/3 if those who took the journey from England.   It is unsure at this time if they died while on the ship or soon after landing.

      He ended up settling in New Beverly (Burlington) New Jersey ca. 1693 where it is assumed that he first met his future wife Mary and it is also where he first appears as a land-owner.   He married " Mary Leet Chadwick ", daughter of John and Elizabeth (_____) Chadwick of Burlington, NJ.   She was born in ca. 1672.

      It is noted that he first purchased 100 acres of land from one William Biddle on August 20, 1693 in New Beverly (Burlington) New Jersey.   During his life time there are sixteen transactions made concerning land that are recorded ( see some of these transactions noted below ).

      It is known that Charles (1) was a devout man based on the inscriptions made by him in his family Bible.   The bible was purchased from Hugh Huddy for thirty shillings.   It was printed in Geneva, Switzerland on April 10, 1560.   Charles (1) wrote the following in the Bible which must also be his Last Will & Testament:

This I give to my eldest son, Charles,
That he may learn the just man's steps
When I am dead and gone.
For in my life much love I had To read this Holy Book,
And therefore leave it to my son
That he in it may look.
For 'tis the path the just man trod
This Holy Book leads to,
And he that truly fears the Lord
The mysteries out shall know.
God give thee grace my son,
This Book to look upon.

This Book I give to my eldest son,
God give him grace to use it,
That he may give his heart and mind
Rightly for to use it.

"Whoever shall defraud him of it,
will violate my Will,
And he that wrongs the Fatherless assuredly do ill.
This counsel in my life I wrote,
mistakes to prevent and leave it in
this Holy Book a standing monument."

      The name of the wife of Charles (1), Mary Chadwick, appears in deeds, & three of these transactions make it explicit, particularly one under the date of 1702, (See Appendix "B") in which Charles (1) is Grantee for fifty acres of land near Mount Carmel, in Burlington Co., from John Dixon & Elizabeth his wife, (late the wife of John Chadwick).   This land was part of a tract purchased by John Chadwick on March 18, 1689.   Charles (1) later sold this land back to John Dixon on July 20, 1704.   (See Appendix "C")

      The largest tract of land purchased by Charles (1), & important because it led to the removal of his family from Burlington County, was made by a deed bearing the date of March 2, 1714.   (See Appendix "D")   He purchased from William Biddle, who he had purchased land from previously, 1,665 acres in Amwell Township (Rosemount, NJ area) for the price of 350 pounds silver.   It is known that he remained there the rest of his life and raised his family.   This land is noted as being next to John Reading's land.   John served on the State Supreme Court along with Charles (1).   John Reading's son later inherited this father's land and he served as a Governor of New Jersey.

      Charles (1) is noted in the State Records as being a Judge of the New Jersey State Supreme Court.   (See Appendix "E")   He also farmed the land that he purchased.   He died ca. 1746 & his wife in ca. 1741.   The family Bible is reportedly in the possession of a Woolverton family member in the St. Petersburg Florida area.   Together Charles (1) and Mary had 9 children.

  2.  Charles Woolverton, Jr.  ~  b. January 17, 1698  ~  d. ca. 1765
  3.  Roger Woolverton  ~  b. December 1, 1700  ~  d. ( Date Unknown )
  4.  Mary Woolverton
  ~  b. April 11, 1702  ~  d. ( Date Unknown )
  5.  Daniel Woolverton  ~  b. March 6, 1704  ~  d. 1789
  6.  Isaac Woolverton  ~  b. April 24, 1706  ~  d. 1770
  7.  Dennis Woolverton  ~  b. January 26, 1709  ~  d. August 19, 1774
  8.  Dinah Woolverton  ~  b. March 26, 1711  ~  d. ( Date Unknown )
  9.  Joel Woolverton  ~  b. May 31, 1715  ~  d. 1796
10.  Thomas Woolverton  ~  b. May 17, 1717  ~  d. 1795

Family Notes:

Nothing further is known about Mary (4).

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Charles Woolverton ( 1 )  ~  Mary Leet Chadwick Woolverton  ~  ( Wife of Charles )

      Charles Woolverton, Jr. (2) was born the 1st child and 1st son of Charles Woolverton, Sr. (1) and Mary Chadwick Woolverton on January 17, 1698 in or near Burlington, New Jersey.   He married "Margaret _____" whose birth date & parents names are unknown.

      His father gave to him on March 1, 1731 "All that tract of land in the township of Amwell" comprising 288 acres.   The deed specifies as from "Charles Woolverton the elder for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which he hath toward his said son Charles Woolverton ye younger".   This land was in the Rosemont, New Jersey area.

      Charles (2) passed away in ca. 1765, Kingwood, Hunterdon Co. NJ since his will was probated on October 30, 1765.   It is unknown where he was interred.   The passing of his wife Margaret is unknown however his will is dated in May 7, 1761 so it was after that date.   His will noted the following:

"He left to his wife Margaret the use of the house and furniture for life and 10# yearly. to be paid by his son John. To his son Mooris he left the plantation of 258 acres on which Morris lived. bounded by lands of Joel Wolverton, Peter Dils, Isaac Woolverton and William Hogeland. To his son John he left the land joining the Delaware, containg 70 acres, on which the grist mill stood. He named his sons Morris and John executors. The witnesses were Evans Godown , Richard reading, and Richard Green." Charles, Jr. (2) & his wife Margaret had 6 known children. 11.  Morris Woolverton  ~  b. 1730  ~  d. 1770
12.  John Woolverton  ~  b. 1732  ~  d. July, 1773
13.  Dennis Woolvertond  ~  ( Dates Unknown )
14.  Gabriel Woolverton  ~  ( Dates Unknown )
15.  Isaac Woolverton  ~  ( Dates Unknown )
16.  Charles Woolverton  ~  ( Dates Unknown )

      Roger Woolverton (3) was born the 2nd child and 2nd son of Charles Woolverton, Sr. (1) and Mary Chadwick Woolverton on December 1, 1700 near Mount Carmell, Burlington County.   By 1722 he lived in Hopewell where he was taxed as a "single man" & listed his profession as a Tailor.   The town records of Hopewell list him as "Overseer of Roger's Road" in March of 1735/6.

      He married "Mary Fox" who was born the daughter of George, Sr. & Jane Palmer Fox in ca. 1700.   His will left "1/2 of a plantation in Amwell to Isaac (a minor) and other 1/2 to sone Charles, (a minor) son, Roger, a planation of 160 acres in Hopewell and residue to daug's Rosannah, Mary, Sarah, Dinah, and Rosemand at 18 or marriage".   The date of his passing & that of his wife's is also unknown, however his will is dated April 21, 1748. Together he & his wife had 9 children.

30.  Charles Woolverton  ~  b. ca. 1726  ~  d. August 4, 1731
31.  Isaac Woolverton  ~  ( Dates Unknown )
32.  Rosannah Woolverton  ~  ( Dates Unknown )
33.  Mary Woolverton  ~  ( Dates Unknown )
34.  Sarah Woolverton  ~  ( Dates Unknown )
35.  Rosemond Woolverton  ~  ( Dates Unknown )
36.  Dinah Woolverton  ~  b. October 22, 1738  ~  d. ( Date Unknown )
37.  Charles Woolverton  ~  b. October 31, 1742  ~  d. ( Date Unknown )
38.  Roger Woolverton  ~  b. July 16, 1747  ~  d. ( Date Unknown )

Family Notes:

Issac (31) was a minor in 1748 as were all the daughters.   Dinah (36) was married twice.   The name of her first husband is currently unknown.   She was married second to " Francis Tomlinson ".   Charles (37) married " Mary Drake " on August 8, 1763.   Charles (37) shows up on the Hunterdon County, New Jersey property map with several other Woolvertons as neighbors of William Allen.   His line is said to be settled in Sunbury and Shamokin, Pennsylvania.   Roger (38) married " Mary Thatcher ".   Nothing further is known about the other children except what is stated in the their father's will.

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Charles Woolverton ( 30 )

      Daniel Woolverton (5) was born the 4th child and 3rd son of Charles Woolverton, Sr. (1) and Mary Chadwick Woolverton on March 6, 1704 in Burlington County, New Jersey.   He married " Ruth Wright " whose birth date and parents names are unknown.   Daniel (5) passed away in 1789.   It is unsure how many children they had however one is known.

39.  Daniel Woolverton  ~  b. 1739  ~  d. ( Date Unknown )

Family Notes:

Daniel (39) married Hannah Chamberlain.

      Isaac Woolverton (6) was born the 5th child and 4th son of Charles Woolverton, Sr. (1) and Mary Chadwick Woolverton on April 24, 1706 in Burlington County, New Jersey.   He married "Abigail _____" whose birth date & parents names are unknown.   He lived on land given to him by his father in the Rosemont area.   It is unsure how many children they had.

??.  Isaac Woolverton  ~  ( Dates Unknown )
??.  Stephen Woolverton  ~  b. August 9, 1751, d. January 1, 1826

Family Notes:

The relationship of both Isaac and Stephen is currently unsure.   Isaac reportedly moved to Oxford Township, Sussex County, New Jersey in 1773.   Stephen may be the Grandson of Issac instead of his son.   Stephen married " Mercy Cox " who was born the daughter of Joseph Cox of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on April 22, 1750.   She died on September 12, 1830.

      Dennis Woolverton (7) was born the 6th child and 5th son of Charles Woolverton, Sr. (1) and Mary Chadwick Woolverton on January 26, 1709 in Burlington, Cty. He married "Elizabeth Pettit" who was born the daughter of Nathaniel & Elizabeth Heath Pettit in ca. 1712.
      They lived on 163 acres of land given to him by his father in Amwell, Hunterdon County. It adjoined the land of his brothers Issac & Joel. Elizabeth passed away in January, 1783 and was interred in Rosemont Cemetery, Rosemont, NJ. Dennis passed away on August 19, 1774 in Kingwood, Hunterdon Co. NJ and was interred with his wife. Together they had 4 children.

50.   Charles Woolverton  ~  b. ( Date Unknown )  ~  d. October 7, 1763
51.   Jonathan Woolverton  ~  ( Dates Unknown )
52.   Mary Woolverton  ~  ( Dates Unknown )
53.   Baby Woolverton  ~  ( Dates Unknown )

Family Notes:

Charles (50) drowned in the Delaware River on October 7, 1763.   It is assumed he was married since his father, Dennis (7) left property to his grandchildren by Charles (50) in his will.   The Baby (53) was a daughter.   Nothing further is known of Jonathan (51) or Mary (52).

" NOTE: "  From this family descended Mary, a daughter or grand-daughter who married May 2, 1772, Daniel Bray of Kingwood Township, and also a son or grandson Jonathan who on May 31, 1775 married Mary Barcroft of Solebury Township, Pennsylvania and moved to Grimsby, Ontario, Canada in 1798.

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Dennis Woolverton ( 7 )   ~   Elizabeth Pettit Woolverton  -  ( Wife of Dennis )

Dinah Woolverton, (8)

      Dinah (8), was born the 7th child and 2nd daughter of Charles Woolverton, Sr. (1) and Mary Chadwick Woolverton on March 26, 1711 in Burlington, Cty. She married "Andrew Pettit" who was born the son of Nathaniel & Elizabeth Heath Pettit in ca. 1716. It is unknown at this time if they had any children or when either of them passed away.

      Joel Woolverton (9) was born the 9th child and 6th son of Charles Woolverton, Sr. (1) and Mary Chadwick Woolverton on May 31, 1715. He married "Elizabeth _____" whose birth date & parent's names are unknown. He was given 186 1/4 acres of land by his father. (See Appendix "F")
      The date of Joel's (9) death is unknown, however, his will was proven in February 1795 which would put his death in ca. 1794 which would denote a long life. His will notes that he married Elizabeth _____ & his will is shown as Appendix "G" of this document. The date of his wife's death is also unknown. Together they had 9 children. 44.   Job Woolverton  -  b. ??, d. ??
45. *Gabriel Woolverton  -  b.ca. 1760, d. ??
46.   Joel Woolverton, Jr.  -  b. ??, d. ??
47.   John Woolverton  -  b. ??, d. ??
48.   Andrew Woolverton  -  b. ??, d. ??
49.   Charles Woolverton  -  b. ??, d. ??
50.   Jane Woolverton  -  b. ??, d. ??
51.   Mary Woolverton  -  b. ??, d. ??
52.   Amy Woolverton  -  b. ??, d. ??

Family Notes:   John (47) possibly married Abigail Darby on February 19, 1759. Charles (49) married "Effie Nailer". Jane (50) married "_____ Duckworth". Mary (51) married "_____ Duckworth". Amy (52) married "_____ Severns". Nothing further is known on Job (44), Joel (46) or Andrew (48).

Thomas Woolverton, (10)

      Thomas (10), was born the 9th and last child and 7th son of Charles Woolverton, Sr. (1) and Mary Chadwick Woolverton on May 17, 1717 in Burlington, Cty. He married "Mary Pettit" who was born the daughter of Nathaniel & Elizabeth Heath Pettit, date unknown. It is unknown at this time if they had any children or when either of them passed away.

Morris Woolverton, (11)

      Morris, (11) was born the 1st child & 1st son of Charles, Jr. (2) & Margaret (_____) Woolverton in ca. 1730. He married "Margery "Mary" Baker" who was the dau of Samuel & ________ Baker. He lived his entire life on his father's farm.
      He served as a commissioner for the laying out of the Roads of Amwell. He died in November, 1770 when all of his children were still minors & his brother John (12) served as executor of his will. Morris (11) & his wife Mary had 5 children.

53. *John Woolverton  -  b. Sep 5, 1755, d. Dec 10, 1837
54.   Margaret Woolverton  -  b. ??, d. ??
55.   Mary Woolverton  -  b. ??, d. ??
56.   Abigail Woolverton  -  b. ??, d. ??
57.   Zuviah Woolverton  -  b. Jan 9, 1769, d. Nov 27, 1862

Family Notes:   Margaret (54) married "Silas Wilson" resided in Philadelphia, Pa. Mary (55) died before she became of age & remained unmarried. Abigail (56) married "John Kensyl" & resided in Philadelphia, Pa.

John Woolverton, (12)

      John, (12) was born the 2nd & last child & 2nd son of Charles, Jr. (2) & Margaret (_____) Woolverton in Amwell, N.J. ca. 1733.   He married "Elizabeth Wilson" on November 8, 1768.   She was also from Amwell.   Her birth date & parent's names are unknown.   Elizabeth may have been, however, a descendant of Jonathan Wilson who purchased 500 acres next to Charles Woolverton Jr. in 1712.
      John (12) lived on the land willed to him by his father.   It contained a Grist Mill & Saw Mill & was bordered by the Delaware River & the stream Wickecheoche & was seventy acres.   John was a Miller by trade.   His life was short as he died in ca. July, 1773. Together he & his wife had 2 known children.

58.  Charles Woolverton  -  b. ??, d. ??
59.  George Woolverton  -  b. ??, d. ??

Family Notes:   Charles (58) married "Ann _____". As shown in their father's will Charles (58) & George (59) inherited the land that their father had also inherited. They both together sold that land two year after inheriting the same on May 1, 1794 to one John Prall, Jr. The village near this land is now known as Prallsville due to the purchase by John. The mills are still standing as of 2009.

      Gabriel Woolverton (45) was born the 2nd child & 2nd son of Joel (9) and Elizabeth (_____) Woolverton in ca. 1760. His birth & death dates are unknown. He married "Elizabeth _____" & there is only one known child. 62. *May or Mary Woolverton  -  b. 1780, d. 1841

John Woolverton, (53)

      John, (53) was born the 1st child & only son of Morris (11) & Mary (Baker) Woolverton on September 5, 1755 in Amwell, Hunterdon County, NJ. He married "Rachel Quinby" on January 3, 1779. Rachel was born the daughter of Isaiah & Rachel (Warford) Quinby on May 11, 1753 in Hunterdon Cty. At the time of his father's death John was 15 years old.
      According to his father Morris' (11) will his property was to be sold & divided, however, this was not done. John (35) evidently bought out the other members of his family & retained the property based on the documents shown in the "Woolverton Records".
      Just before John (35) attained his majority, in April 1776, he enlisted at Ringoes as a Private in Captain George Ely's Company, Second Regiment of the Hunterdon Cty Militia. He served a total of fifteen monthly tours in the Militia. He was accidently wounded in the right arm on June 27, 1778 which prevented him from taking part in the Battle of Monmouth. He was a commissioned Ensign of the Militia. The Powder Horn used by him in the Revolution was in the possession of his Great Grand-son the Rev. William H. Woolverton of Stockton in 1932. Its whereabouts today (2005) are unknown.
      John's marriage to Rachel Quinby, a member of the Society of Friends, was performed by the Rev. William Frazier, a clergy man of the Church of England who had charge of St. Andrew's Parish, Amwell, then situated in Ringoes but since moved to Lambertville.
      John (35) died on December 10, 1837 at the age of 83. His wife Rachel died on January 17, 1842 at the age of 88. They are interred in the Rosemont Cem., in Rosemont, New Jersey. Together John (35) & Rachel had 7 Children.

63.   Samuel Woolverton  -  b. Apr 22, 1779, d. Sep 19, 1841
64.   Mary Woolverton  -  b. Feb 2, 1782, d. Mar 12, 1817
65.   Sarah Woolverton  -  b. Jul 22, 1784, d. Feb 17, 1875
66.   Martha Woolverton  -  b. Jan 31, 1787, d. ca. 1807
67.   Margaret Woolverton  -  b. Mar 14, 1788, d. Mar 26, 1883
68.  *James Woolverton  -  b. Oct 15, 1791, d. Mar 8, 1871
69.   Anna Woolverton  -  b. Jun 22, 1794, d. May 13, 1883

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"John Woolverton (53)"   -   "Rachel (Quinby) Woolverton"

      May or Mary Woolverton (42) was born an only child in 1780 to Gabriel (27) and Elizabeth (_____) Woolverton. She married "Jon Peter Aller" (#3 of Aller Fam.) in May 1801 in the Kingwood Baptist Church by Rev'd J.P Wegg & Garner Hunt. He was the son of John and Coziah (_____) Aller. She died in 1841. Together they had one known child. 70.* Sarah Aller  -  b. 1815, d. 1891

James Woolverton, (68)

      James (68) was born the 6th child and 2nd son of John (53) and Rachel Quinby Woolverton on October 15, 1791. He married " Mary Sargeant " who was born on July 16, 1798. Her parent's names are currently unknown. Whether they had any children or not is currently unknown. Mary passed away on June 23, 1853. James passed away on March 8, 1871. They are both interred in the Rosemont Cem., in Rosemont, New Jersey.

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"James Woolverton (68)"   -   "Mary (Sargeant) Woolverton"

      Sarah (50) was born in 1815 the only known child of Jon Peter and May or Mary (Woolverton) Aller (42). She married "John Shepherd, II" (See the "Shepherd Family History" for futher descendants of John Shepherd, II) on October 20, 1834 in the Kingwood Baptist Church in Locktown. He was born the son of John and Margaret (Sherred) Shepherd in 1808. They were married by the Rev. James Wm Weff. They lived on a farm near Frenchtown. They are both interred in the old section of the Frenchtown Cem. There is only one known son. 71. *Peter Aller Shepherd  -  b. Dec 17, 1844, d. Sep 10, 1921

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"John Shepherd, II"   -   "Sarah (Aller) Shepherd (70)"

"For further information on this family please see the"

"Shepherd Family History".

" Continued Lineage Of Author "

Peter Aller Shephard (51) & Corinda Runyan had a son: Harry Jacob Shepherd, Sr.

Harry Jacob Shepherd, Sr. & Amanda Carver Howell had a daughter: Edith Elizabeth Shepherd

Edith Elizabeth Shepherd & Russell Stout had a daughter: Emma Virginia Stout

Emma Virginia Stout & John Ernest Pickett, Jr. had a son: Russell Stout Pickett (author)

Russell Stout Pickett & Diane Sue Collison had two sons: Christopher Scott Pickett & Ryan Mark Pickett

Russell Stout Pickett & Ruth Elizabeth Hardy had twin girls: Kayla Grace Pickett & Kara Virginia Pickett

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