Who Gave Their All
 World War II


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Last Update

July 28, 2022

Currently there are over

" 60,000 "

American's listed on the below pages

( And it's growing daily )

In Memory

The following listings and individual online memorials include Soldiers, Sailors, & Merchant Marines from the states of :
Connecticut  ~  Delaware  ~  Maine  ~  Maryland  ~  New Hampshire
New York  ~  Vermont  ~  Wyoming  ~  District Of Columbia  ~  plus other states coming soon !

that " Gave Their All " for their State and our Country during World War II.

" In the near future I plan on including more states ! "

         I first started this project in 2010 with my home state of Delaware.   Once completed I started with my wife's home state of New York and also started Delaware's neighbor Maryland.   Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, and Vermont are now also "Completed" and I've started on the States of Connecticut & Wyoming!   It takes approximately 20 minutes to research each soldier's information and to create a link for them.

         Each soldier and/or sailor have a personal online memorial that shows either all of the following or as much as I can find out about them:   Name, Rank, Military Unit, where they died, how they died, date of passing, where they are interred or memorialized, photos of them and also tombstones, parent's names, when and where they enlisted, and a biography as discovered, etc.

This is my way of trying to insure that they all are ARE REMEMBERED for what they did for all of us!!

I'm currently working on the state of:

Who Gave Their All

Please Note:   If you would like me to investigate any soldier or sailor from " ANY " state I will do so and insure that the information is as acurate as possible based on records.

Special Thanks To:

" Janice Hollandsworth "
Find A Grave Member
" For her great help locating burials and record updates For Soldiers & Sailors Nationwide "

" ShaneO "
Find A Grave Member
" For his great help locating burials, taking photos, and record updates For Soldiers & Sailors Nationwide "

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         In a joint effort with Dwight "Andy" Anderson who previously served as the Superintendent of the Epinal American Cemetery, Lorraine, France and now serves as the Superintendent of the Rhone American Cemetery, Draguignan, France, I've been able to create a webpage for quick facts concerning the Epinal American Cemetery and have created a webpage to display that information.  Click below for more:

Who Gave Their All

Current Status

Who Gave Their All

Who Gave Their All

Who Gave Their All

Who Gave Their All

Who Gave Their All

Who Gave Their All

Who Gave Their All

Currently a Statewide Listing of appx. 400 records

( Listing Not By County )

Who Gave Their All

Two (2) Counties Completed ~ ( Monroe & Erie )

( other partial counties included )

Who Gave Their All

Who Gave Their All

Who Gave Their All

Other record's found during above searches

States scheduled to be started next ! :

New Jersey  -  Not Started

Pennsylvania  -  Not Started


Email any questions or comments to:
Russ Pickett